Hi-Rel components for the extreme environments of commercial rail systems

As the use of commercial rail continues to grow, the demand for electrical components that can safely function under the harsh, and often extreme, environments of heavy rail systems also increases.

There is no room for error in the transportation field. Trust your semiconductor packages and components to a transportation industry leader.

With more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry and over a decade of commercial rail experience, Minco Technology Labs, LLC has built a reputation in the transportation field that you can rely on. Just some of our worldwide commercial rail clients include:

  • Astrom
  • Bombardier
  • Siemens

As the commercial rail industry continues to grow throughout Asia, North Africa, and Central and South America, Minco will expand with the market, providing the vital, high-quality components for heavy rail.

Reliable semiconductor packages and bare die for all aspects of rail systems

The complexity of commercial rail systems requires numerous components that must fill specific roles, including:

  • SRAMs (static random access memory)
  • ASICS (application specific integrated circuits) solutions
  • Power management integrated circuits

These components need to be failsafe, which is why Minco is the smart choice for these packages. The components need to meet the same durable packaging as many military and aerospace projects and, although these projects do not require the same military standards, it is important to know that Minco is certified to create mission-critical components for the military and will apply those same high standards to your rail project.

Protecting your transportation project with obsolescence management

Transportation projects can take years in development and implementation. After investing this time into your commercial rail project, you need to make sure you have components that will last the lifecycle of the project. With Minco's obsolescence management and bare die inventory management, you can depend on a lifetime supply of your components or, at least, a suitable replacement part.

Quick, custom quote for your transportation project

At Minco, we understand the need to get your commercial rail project underway. Request a transportation component quote or contact Minco to get started today. We will respond to your quote request within 24-48 hours (custom quotes may take up to five business days). Trust your mission-critical components to Minco technology Labs, LLC. Contact us today.


About Minco Technology Labs, LLC: Minco Technology Labs, LLC, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a leading provider of mission critical high reliability (Hi-Rel) semiconductor packaged solutions, die processing, and test services.  Minco services advanced technologies with state of the art solutions, as well as hard to find, obsolete or end-of-life products for multiple applications.  Minco Technology Labs, LLC is a Leading Value Added Supplier of High Reliability Components, Semiconductor Die Processing, Assembly, Test Services and Distribution. Minco serves the Military, Aerospace, and Energy, Transportation, Heavy Industrial and other specialty markets.