Minco Technology Labs, LLC, a supplier of standard and custom packaged semiconductor solutions, manufactured to QML Class S or Q, Customer Source Control Drawing, or Mil-PRF-19500, now offers its customers a standard product grouping of radiation-tolerant devices.

Radiation effects, present at and above the earth’s surface vary in types and intensity dependent on altitude, incident and location of use outside of benign protected environments. Exposure types depend on altitude and location, altitude as defined by distance from center of Earth, identified by region as Earth Radii and Incident or angle of exposure the second major contributing factor to the exposure rate and total exposure.

At Earth’s surface to distances nearly 18km above, the damaging exposure types are trapped Protons and Electrons. At distances above 18km to geosynchronous orbit and beyond, proton, alpha particles and heavy ions from solar as well as galactic ray particles, all contribute to the radiation exposure event. 

Minco Technology classifies radiation-tolerant as the ability for a semiconductor component to survive Total Ionized Dosage (TID) from 35Krad(Si) to 100Krad(Si).  Depending on the service altitude/orbit, Tolerant (unhardened) semiconductor devices service life can be extended from 3x at Earth’s surface to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) up to 10x for devices operating in Geosynchronous Orbits.  This service life comparison to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) component it replaces.  Our products within this group are shielded product definitions.  Please allow us the opportunity to discuss your flight unit requirements including Operational Life, TID, SEU, and SEL criteria.