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Our Privacy Pledge
We're Committed to Protecting Your Privacy and Confidentiality.

We understand your concerns, and we share them. As Web users ourselves, we don't want to worry about how our private information is being collected and used every time we visit a Website or use an online service. Nor should you have to worry. While some Websites and online services have been known to gather and use information without informing users, it doesn't happen here. We believe your personal information belongs to you, and it's yours to decide what you want done with.

That's why we give you control over the personal information you submit. The personally identifiable information you provide us on this Website ( will be used only to furnish you with the services, products or information you request, no more. For instance, when you submit your e-mail address in order to register as a Mincotech user or request a quote, that's what your e-mail address will be used for. We won't use your address to send you things you didn't ask for (like junk mail), and we won't share it with partners, subsidiaries or third parties unless we first ask for and receive your explicit permission. You're free to say no. It's entirely up to you.

The following sections describe in detail how information is gathered and used on the Minco Technology Labs, LLC Website and in our services.

Collection of Personal Information

When you fill out forms or make purchases on this Website, or register for our service, Minco Technology Labs, LLC may ask you for personal information such as your e-mail address, name, mailing address and payment method. You may also submit information in connection with contests and promotions Minco Technology Labs, LLC runs or in communications with a Minco Technology Labs, LLC representatives. This information is used for account management, to provide the service (much as a cellular network needs to track the location of phones in order to communicate with them) and to derive aggregate usage data (see below).

Use and Sharing of Personal Information

We use the personal information you submit only for the purposes specified and do not share it without your permission. Such information will not be shared with third parties unless you are specifically informed and give your express permission. The limited personal information we collect concerning your use of the Minco Technology Labs, LLC service is used for network administration purposes, to manage your account, to provide the service, and to develop aggregate usage information.

Use and Sharing of Aggregate Information

Minco Technology Labs, LLC may at some point share aggregate information about its users with advertisers and other third parties. Aggregated data is information concerning our user base as a whole, and does not reveal personal information on any individual user. Thus, for example, we may determine that 10% of our users are males over 40 years of age. Minco Technology Labs, LLC may develop and share this sort of aggregate user information in order to obtain advertising and develop other business relationships. Rest assured, the disclosure of this information in no way reveals any personally identifiable information about individual users.

The Minco Technology Labs, LLC web site does not use browser "cookies" to collect usage data. Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a user's browser for record-keeping purposes. Please be aware that most Web browsers can be set to refuse cookies from Websites.

Visiting Other Sites

We may provide links to other Websites for your convenience, such as the links below to additional sources of information on Internet privacy. Also, while using the Minco Technology Labs, LLC service, you may visit third-party sites and participate in communications that are controlled by moderators ("Site Reps") acting on behalf of these sites. These third party Websites have content, privacy, acceptable use and other policies that may differ from ours. In visiting these sites or communicating with moderators representing these sites, you are covered by their policies, not ours. It's always a good idea to review the policies of whatever sites you go to.

Areas Powered by Third Parties

At some point in the future, the Minco Technology Labs, LLC Website may offer user services or features that are delivered by third parties (for example, a credit card transaction feature provided by an on-line credit verification service) and in which the third party is collecting personal information using privacy guidelines different from ours. In such cases (and there are none on our Website at present), we'll post clear notices identifying the third party handling the transaction, and we'll provide links to their privacy policy. If you're not comfortable with their privacy guidelines or for any other reason, you'll always have the choice not to use those features or services.


The information you provide to us is kept in a password- and firewall-protected server that is physically secure. We have trained our employees with respect to this privacy policy and information collection, use and maintenance procedures. Our practices limit employee access to confidential information and limit the disclosure of such information to authorized persons and transactions. While we do our utmost to ensure the security of information on our systems, it's impossible for us (or anyone else) to guarantee the security of information sent over the Internet. There's always a risk, however small, of unauthorized access when you transmit or store information on an open, public network such as the Internet and World Wide Web.

Policies for Kids

Minco Technology Labs, LLC is committed to protecting children's privacy. No personal information should be submitted to Minco Technology Labs, nor should the Minco Technology Labs, LLC service be used, by children under 13 years of age.

Legally Compelled Disclosure

We reserve the right to disclose information when legally compelled to do so or when we in good faith believe that the law requires it or that it is necessary to protect our rights or the safety of a third party.

Additional Policies and Future Amendments

If you a registered user of our service and we modify our policy concerning disclosure of user information, we will notify you by e-mail 30 days in advance and give you notice of any planned changes. Other, minor modifications to this policy may be made from time to time, so it's a good idea to check back here periodically.


We're serious about providing an enjoyable and worry-free user experience. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at

Additional Information

For more information about online privacy and security, you may want to visit the following sites: