New Product Information

Minco Technology Labs is pleased to announce the release of our New Minco Designed and Built parts to help solve the re-occurring source of supply issues in the marketplace. These are just a few of the many parts that we are designing to help solve these issues in the near future. Click below for Datasheets.

Announcing our two newest Product Lines:


Advanced Power MOSFETs

The use of an enhancement mode FET is a key element in Minco’s Power MOSFET product family.  This advanced technology minimizes on‐state resistance, provides superior switching  performance and allows the device(s) to withstand high energy pulses in the avalanche and commutation modes.  These devices are well suited for use in low voltage applications such as audio amplifiers, high energy DC/DC converters and DC motor control. Additionally, the MTL2803, MTL2823 High Voltage, Medium Current Driver Array devices integrate eight NPN Darlington pairs with internal suppression diodes creating driver arrays for use in multiple applications including lamp, solenoid and relays.  Both devices offer open collector outputs with greater than 50V breakdown voltages, combined with output current driving capabilities to 500mA.  The MTL2803 and MTL2823 are offered in 18 Pin Dip as well as 20 Pad LCC. 

Power Rectifier Modules Designed For Heavy Industrial Products

Minco is excited to announce the expansion of its standard linear products offering with the introduction of the Power Rectifier Modules designed for Heavy Industrial Products.

Minco Technology Labs: Heavy Industrial Products POWER Rectifier Modules



View our Technical Datasheet for Minco Alternative, IR 91xx Series Replacement, 100V, P-Channel, Power MOSFET Devices:

Minco’s 91xx Series of 100V P‐Channel Power MOSFETS meet or exceed the Original Semiconductor Manufacturers (OSM) specification while improving Key Parameters at worst case conditions, positively influencing switching performance in certain high frequency power applications. 
Minco’s product performance as measured against Key Indicators either matches or is improved over the OSM.  These indicators for improved performance include near equal or improved RDS(on), faster Gate Charge Times, lower Capacitance and improved recovery measures.  

View our Datasheet for Automated Test Services:

Minco Technology Labs offers tailored Electrical Device Characterization, Qualification and Production Test services on a wide variety of semiconductor technologies.  In‐depth knowledge of Discrete, Analog, linear, Mixed‐signal and Digital devices, along with a wide range of test methods, have proven to be a valuable service to customers.    Minco’s Test and Lab Services compliment the company’s Chip‐to‐Print, Die Qualifications and Standard Product offerings for our High Reliability markets including, Military, Space, Transportation and Energy.  

View our Datasheet for Hermeticity Lab Services:

Minco’s Fine & Gross leak testing service for hermetically packaged semiconductor devices relies on the use of Krypton – 85 Radioisotope, a tracer gas, and the Radiflo® process.  This highly sensitive method, initially developed in 1955 and benefiting from continuous enhancements and simplification of isotope handling, has delivered to the industry a highly accurate, sophisticated method for performing hermeticity validation testing.  This method provides the benefit of being extremely fast, while providing improved leak rate detection to <10‐12 atm cc/sec.  Additionally, the Radiflo® process is currently one of very few methods which will perform both Fine & Gross leak, while mitigating risk for test escapees associated with Fluorocarbon masking.  It therefore is considered a preferred method for components being sourced to critical Aerospace, Military and Medical platforms, including all components supplied to MIL‐STD‐750 and components supplied to MIL‐STD‐883 Class K & S.  The Radiflo® process is listed as a “Reference‐Standard” by the Defense Logistics Agency.  
About Minco Technology Labs, LLC

Minco Technology Labs, LLC, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a leading provider of mission critical high reliability (Hi-Rel) semiconductor packaged solutions, die processing, and test services.  Minco services advanced technologies with state of the art solutions, as well as hard to find, obsolete or end-of-life products for multiple applications.  Minco Technology Labs, LLC is a Leading Value Added Supplier of High Reliability Components, Semiconductor Die Processing, Assembly, Test Services and Distribution. Minco serves the Military, Aerospace, and Energy, Transportation, Heavy Industrial and other specialty markets.