Markets | Semiconductor Solutions (Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Satellites) Provided by Minco Technology Labs

Market-specific high-reliability semiconductor components, services and solutions

Although various markets require high-reliability (Hi-Rel) semiconductor components, services and solutions, each market has unique component requirements. Whether your program requires components that can function in the high temperature deep-drilling projects or parts that can properly perform in deep space, Minco Technology Labs, LLC can provide you with the market-specific packaging for your program's demands.

Minco not only can fill your project's requirements quickly, but we also can ensure the availability of your market-specific components through our obsolescence management service. Request a project quote and get a response within 24-48 hours. For immediate assistance, contact our sales team to get started today.


Hi-Rel technologies for harsh down-hole drilling environments of oil and gas markets

Components for the oil and gas energy markets need to withstand extreme temperatures. At Minco, we specialize in high-reliability technologies, products and services for various energy projects, including down-hole drilling. These technologies and services are designed to operate in harsh environments as high as 225 degrees Celsius. Trust our high-temperature custom packaging designed for gas and oil applications.

Custom aerospace packaging and wafer processing from market leader

After years of development, your aerospace program will require long-term support. As the recognized leader for the past 30 years in the aerospace market, Minco can provide the Hi-Rel custom packaging and wafer processing for your program and support those parts for the lifetime of your program.

Satellite services and technologies focused on needs of global space community

Whether your program requires the use of a fixed geosynchronous (GEO) satellite, a medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellite or a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite, you need harsh-environment components. Serving customers including worldwide space agencies, military services, prime contractors and commercial suppliers, Minco is committed to provide best-value semiconductor solutions for satellite programs worldwide.

Mission-critical components and solutions for military requirements

Military programs require mission-critical high-reliability technologies, services and solutions for long-term projects. As a certified AS9001 and ISO9001-2008 company, Minco supplies both standard and custom products focused exclusively on serving the needs of the military market and its ever-changing requirements. Our hermetic component products surpass the specification in Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Standards and Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMD).

High-reliability components for critical medical equipment

Medical devices must meet the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, smaller devices have size constraints. At Minco Technology Labs, LLC, we have been fully dedicated to serving the demands of medical original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), especially in the areas of die and wafer processing in both diagnostic imagery and hearing aid technology. This allows us to produce custom designs for medical product capabilities that are unmatched in the industry.

Access to discontinued devices through obsolescence management

Your long-term programs run the risk of being affected by discontinued components during the program's lifetime. From parts management to long-term storage, Minco specializes in obsolescence management and its diminishing manufacturing source (DMS) capabilities, delivering complete solutions for all of your electronic and design needs tailored specifically to support our customers' access to discontinued and end-of-life components.

Hi-Rel products and services to support growing communication demands

As technology continues to advance, communication markets must keep up with expanding demands. Whatever your market – aerospace, military, or commercial – Minco provides products and services to support the growing demands of audio, video, data and voice communications markets.

High-reliability semiconductors and services for clean energy market

Whether your program requires wind energy, hydroelectricity or collecting the sun's rays on solar panels, your project requires Hi-Rel components that can withstand extreme temperatures. With our technical strategic partnerships, Minco provides its energy market customers a vast portfolio of products, services and capabilities that support designing clean technology, harvesting and energy distribution applications.

Products and services for high-speed rail systems and other transportation platforms

Transportation systems require high-reliability components that properly function in extreme environmental conditions. For more than a decade, Minco has been providing products and services on high-speed rail systems throughout the world. Our focus is on reliability and product performance for the commercial rail transportation market.


About Minco Technology Labs, LLC: Minco Technology Labs, LLC, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a leading provider of mission critical high reliability (Hi-Rel) semiconductor packaged solutions, die processing, and test services.  Minco services advanced technologies with state of the art solutions, as well as hard to find, obsolete or end-of-life products for multiple applications.  Minco Technology Labs, LLC is a Leading Value Added Supplier of High Reliability Components, Semiconductor Die Processing, Assembly, Test Services and Distribution. Minco serves the Military, Aerospace, and Energy, Transportation, Heavy Industrial and other specialty markets.