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AC:  Alternating Current
ADC:  Analog-to-Digital Converter
AES:  Auger Electron Spectroscopy
AQL:  Acceptable Quality Level
ATE:  Automated Test Equipment
ASCII:  American Standard Code of Information Exchange
ASIC:  Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASP:  Average Selling Price
ATAB:  Area-Array Tape Automated Bonding
ATE:  Automatic Test Equipment
AuGe:  Gold-Germanium
AuSn:  Gold-Tin
AuSi:  Gold-Silicon


BeO:  Beryllia
BOM:  Bill Of Materials
BTAB:  Bumped Tape Automated Bonding
BWO:  Backward Wave Oscillator


C and W:  Chip and Wire
CC:  Chip Carrier
CERDIP:  Ceramic Dual In-Line Package
CERPACK:  Ceramic Package
CIM:  Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
CLA:  Centerline Average (a measure of sub­strate surface roughness)
CMOS:  Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
COA:  Clean Dry Air
COB:  Chip On Board
COFC:  Certificate Of Compliance
COMSEC:  Communications Security
CPU:  Central Processing Unit


DAC:  Digital-to-Analog Converter
DC:  Direct Current
DCAS:  Defense Contracts Administration Ser­vices
DDM:  Defect Diagnostic Matrix
DFR:  Design For Reliability
DI:  Deionized Water
DIP:  Dual In-Line Package
DLA:  Defense Logistics Agency
DMS:  Diminishing Manufacturing Source
DPA:  Destructive Physical Analysis
DPRAM:  Dual-Port Random Access Memory
DRAM:  Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRO:  Dielectric Resonator Oscillator
DSC:  Differential Scanning Calorimetry
DSCC:  Defense Supply Center Columbus
DSO:  Dielectric Stabilized Oscillator
DSP:  Digital Signal Processor
DTA:  Differential Thermal Analysis
DTL:  Diode Transistor Logic
DUT:  Device Under Test
DWF:  Dice in Wafer Form
DYM:  Defect and Yield Management


ECL:  Emitter-Coupled Logic
EDS:  Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
EEPROM:  Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EOL:  End Of Life
ERP:  Enterprise Resource Planning
ESCA:  Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
ESD:  Electrostatic Discharge
ESDS:  Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive
EOS:  Electrical Overstress
ENR:  Excess Noise Ratio


FACI:  First Article Configuration Inspection
FA:  Failure Analysis
FET:  Field Effect Transistor
FIFO:  First-In First-Out
FMEA:  Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
FMECA:  Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
FPGA:  Field Programmable Gate Array
FR:  Failure Rate
FTR:  Functional Throughput Rate
FTY:  Final Test Yield


GaAs:  Gallium Arsenide
Ge:  Germanium
GHz:  Giga Hertz (109Hz)


HCC:  Hermetic Chip Carrier
HCMOS:  High-Density CMOS
HDCM:  High-Density Ceramic Module
HIC:  Hybrid Integrated Circuit
HI-REL:  High Reliability
HMOS:  High-Performance MOS
HTRB:  High-Temperature, Reverse-Biased
HVIC:  High-Voltage Integrated Circuit


IC:  Integrated Circuit
IGBT:  Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
ILB:  Inner Lead Bond(er)
ILO:  Injection-Locked Oscillator
IMPAT:  Impact Ionization Avalanche and Charge Transit Time (Diode)
I/O:  Input / Output
IRS:  Infrared Scan
ISO:  International Organization for Standardization
ITAR:  International Trade Association Regulations


JC:  JEDEC Committee
JEDEC:  Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council


K:  Symbol for Dielectric Constant


LCC:  Leadless Chip Carrier
LCD:  Liquid Crystal Display
LED:  Light-Emitting Diode
LIC:  Linear IC
LID:  Leadless Inverted Device
LMCH:  Leadless Multiple-Chip Hybrid
LSA:  Limited Space-Charge Accumulation (Diode)
LSI:  Large-scale Integration
LTPD:  Lot Tolerance Percent Defective


MCC:  Miniature Chip Carrier
MCM:  Multi-Chip Module
MIS:  Metal Insulator Semiconductor
MFD:  Microelectronic Functional Device
MLC:  Multilayer Ceramic
MESFET:  Metal-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (Schottky Barrier FET)
MIL-SPEC:  Military Specifications
MNS:  Metal Nitride Semiconductor
MNOS:  Metal Nitride-Oxide Semiconductor
MOS:  Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET:  Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MRB:  Material Review Board
MSI:  Medium-Scale Integration
MSL:  Microstrip (line) Planar Asymmetric Trans­mission System
MTBF:  Mean Time Between Failures
MTTF:  Mean Time To Failure


NDRO:  Non-Destructive Read out
NDT:  Non-Destructive Test
N-MOS:  N-Channel MOS
NPO:  Negative and Positive Zero (for Capacitor Drift)
NRE: Non-Recurring Engineering


OEM: Original Equipment Manufacture
OLB:  Outer Lead Bond(er)
OP AMP:  Operational Amplifier


PDA:  Percent Defective Allowable
PGA:  Pin Grid Array
PLCC:  Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PIN:  P-N Junction with Isolation Region (Diode)
PIND:  Particle Impact Noise Detection
PROM:  Programmable Read-Only Memory
PSG:  Phospho-Silicate Glass
POS:  Porcelain-an-Steel (Substrate)
PTF:  Polymer Thick Film
PWB: Printed Wiring Board


QCI:  Quality Conformance Inspection
QFP:  Quad Flat Pack
QM: Quality Management
QML:  Qualified Manufacturer Listing
QMS:  Quality Management System


RAM:  Random-Access Memory
RGA:  Residual Gas Analysis
RI:  Receiving Inspection
ROM:  Read-Only Memory


SCC:  Stress-Corrosion Cracking
SCD:  Specification Control or Source Control Drawing
SCR:  Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SDRAM:  Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SEM:  Scanning Electron Microscope
SEU:  Single-Event Upset
Si:  Silicon
SIMS:  Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
SIP:  Single In-Line Package
SLAM:  Single Layer Alumina Metallized
SLC:  Single-Layer Ceramic
SMA:  Surface Mounted Assembly
SMD:  Standard Military Drawing
SMT:  Surface Mount Technology
SOI:  Silicon-On-Insulator
SOIC:  Small-Outline IC
SOS:  Silicon-an-Sapphire
SPC:  Statistical Process Control
SRAM:  Static Random Access Memory
SSEC:  Space Science and Engineering Center
SSI:  Small-Scale Integration
SSWS:  Static-Safe Work Station
STL:  Stripline (Symmetric Planar Transmission System)


TAB:  Tape Automated Bonding
TCC:  Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance
TCE:  Temperature Coefficient of Expansion
TCR:  Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
TC:  Thermo compression (Bonding)
TS:  Thermo sonic (Bonding)
TE:  Transverse Electric (Transmission Mode)
Te (value):  Temperature at which ceramic (or glass) of 1 cm3 has a resistance of 1 mega ohm
TEGFET:  Two-Dimensional Electron-Gas Field Effect Transistor
TEM:  Transmission Electron Microscopy
Tg:  Glass Transition Temperature
TGA:  Thermal Gravimetric Analysis
TID:  Technical Information Document
T.I.R.:  Total Indicated Reading
TIR:  Testing In Reliability
TLC:  Thin-Layer Chromatography
TQM:  Total Quality Management
TRAPATT:  Trapped Plasma Avalanche-Trig­gered Transit (Diode)
TRIAC:  Triode for Alternating Current
TTL:  Transistor-Transistor Logic


US:  Ultrasonic (Bonding)
ULSI:  Ultra LSI
UUT:  Unit Under Test
UV:  Ultraviolet


VHSIC:  Very High-Speed IC
VLSI:  Very Large-Scale Integration
V-MOS:  V-Groove MOS
VRAM:  Video Random Access Memory


WLR:  Wafer Level Reliability
WUT:  Wafer Under Test


X-MOS:  High-Speed MOS
XRD:  X-Ray Diffraction


YAG:  Yttrium Aluminum Garnet