Electrical Test | Semiconductor Evaluation | Custom Electrical Test

Minco Technology Lab’s extensive test engineering and program management expertise along with its diverse knowledge of both active and passive components enables us to be a premiere source for a large portfolio of Standard products, our Custom Product Services, as well as, your Electrical Test partner for all your program requirements.  

Our methodology for effective electrical test and evaluation of semiconductor components is to exercise, stress and characterize the behaviors of the components across voltage and temperature limits, under multiple pattern and or stimulus sets.  This engineering exercise and analysis becomes the basis for our test program. 

Our Engineers diverse experience provides the backdrop for our total Electrical Test capabilities.  Our experience, in-depth catalog of existing devices supported, as well as our ability to create custom test and service solutions facilitates our ability to offer our Customer base the very best in Electrical Test.

Electrical Testing

Digital Analog Linear Mixed Signal Discrete

  • Electrical Test (25C, Hot & Cold Temps)
  • DC, AC
  • Temperature Co-efficient / Delta Calculations
  • COTS Up-Screening (Extended Temps)
  • Wafer Probe


  • Static Burn-In
  • Dynamic Burn-In
  • HTOL
  • Group C Life Test