Bare Die Processing | Wafer Inspection | Wafer Testing

Bare Die Processing | Inspection and Testing


Minco partners with numerous manufacturers providing a wide variety of product types. We offer a variety of die processing services, wafer inspection services, and wafer testing services for both Minco and consigned material. Die maps are available upon request.

Minco ensures that each die is electrically tested at the wafer level and that all failures are identified and removed from the lot when the dice are separated from the wafer. When wafer / die level testing requirements are not specified in the procurement documents, Minco selects the parameters, conditions, and limits that will assure compliance with the electrical characteristics. 

Our certified inspectors then visually examine each die to ensure conformance to the applicable die-related requirements of method 2010 of MIL-STD-883; methods 2072 and 2073 of MIL-STD-750.

When a lot qualification is required, a sample of microcircuit and semiconductor die from each wafer lot is evaluated in accordance with Table C-II of MIL-PRF-38534. Minco arranges these test samples to closely simulate the assembly methods and conditions that the element will see during normal production.

For Class H qualifications, the sample will consist of at least ten die from each wafer lot. A Class K sample will consist of three die from each wafer and a total of at least ten die from each wafer lot. If one wafer is evaluated, ten die will be tested. If ten wafers are evaluated, then 30 die (three from each wafer) will be tested.

Minco then performs the interim, post burn-in and/or final electrical tests with the following minimum static tests requirements:

A. + 25°C

B. Maximum rated operating temperature

C. Minimum rated operating temperature

For each wafer lot tested, Minco selects a sample of at least five die requiring a minimum ten bond wires for strength testing. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis of the die metallization is performed for Class K qualifications.

  • Maximum rated operating temperature.
  • Minimum rated operating temperature.


About Minco Technology Labs, LLC: Minco Technology Labs, LLC, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a leading provider of mission critical high reliability (Hi-Rel) semiconductor packaged solutions, die processing, and test services.  Minco services advanced technologies with state of the art solutions, as well as hard to find, obsolete or end-of-life products for multiple applications.  Minco Technology Labs, LLC is a Leading Value Added Supplier of High Reliability Components, Semiconductor Die Processing, Assembly, Test Services and Distribution. Minco serves the Military, Aerospace, and Energy, Transportation, Heavy Industrial and other specialty markets.