About Minco Technology Labs

About Minco


Minco Technology Labs (Minco) was founded in 1981 in Northridge, CA to serve the high-reliability and military-specification semiconductor markets.  Over the last three decades, we have grown to offer products and services in diverse segments from Military, Space, Commercial Avionics and Medical devices, to Transportation, Down Hole, and Industrial applications. Minco is represented in over 35 countries by a technical sales channel comprised of engineers and program managers with extensive experience in our key market segments. This network, coupled with our world-class internal manufacturing capacity, quality certifications, and design and product engineering expertise, is the heart of Minco's value proposition to our customers and strategic partners.  This is borne out in our long history of collaboration and mutual success with both our suppliers and customers. 

Minco’s quality management system is certified to both AS9100-B and ISO 9000:2008.  We are included on the list of commercial laboratories, which has a DLA-VQ letter of suitability to test to the military specifications for the federal stock class type of devices.  Minco is one of the known-good suppliers that has successfully demonstrated that our products meet the specified performance, quality, and reliability levels via the DoD Product Qualification Program. Minco is certified by DLA-VQ for MIL-PRF-38535, Class Q Custom Microcircuits.

Minco has one internal manufacturing facility located in Austin, Texas where we have operated our headquarters since December, 1982.  We have a wide range of automated electrical test, burn-in and environmental test equipment well suited to the following product families:

Power Management






Data Converters



In addition to die distribution and packaging of current technologies, Minco supports more mature programs by providing obsolescence support services such as life time buys and die banking.

In order to achieve these targets Minco’s management team has adopted three key strategies to drive the business forward.

  1. Establish a major presence in new and existing markets with high growth opportunity (Market Presence)
  2. Strengthen our operational infrastructure (Operational Excellence)
  3. Deliver innovative products, applications and services (Differentiation)

Minco Technology Labs operates in a niche subset of the large global semiconductor market that has moderate barriers to entry and steady growth prospects.

Minco has a product and service offering focused on clearly defined market segments as demonstrated by our current business model.  Our focus markets are Hi-Rel/Industrial with key emphasis on program specific applications. Our markets are:




Deep Space

Nuclear Power Plants

High Speed Transportation (Trains)

Down-Hole Drilling

Medical Implant




The core elements of our value proposition are:

• Minco has critical certifications and is recognized for quality and reliability

            MIL-PRF-38535 QML Q



            Commercial Lab Suitability


• Key relationships with “blue chip” OEMs

            On Semiconductor

            Fairchild Semiconductor

            Honeywell Space Products



Minco values its team members and the collaborative effort that we enjoy in serving our customers.  Our core values serve as the foundation for our work in solving those unique semiconductor needs. It is equally important to offer our team members benefits and rewards that help them achieve rewarding careers in the semiconductor field.


Minco Technology Labs, founded in California in 1981, is a leading semiconductor processor, assembler and tester serving the medical, military, space and commercial industries. In 1982, Minco relocated to Austin, Texas after surveying 18 cities and determining that Austin offered the best opportunities for a growing company in the semiconductor industry.

Executive Bios

Minco’s Executive Team has over 140 years of combined experience, in every facet of the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry. They have helped to mold this industry, through their contributions and advancements in technology as well as quality, into what it has become today.


Minco Technology Labs continues to expand its products and services at a rapid pace. As we introduce new products and capabilities, we will keep you notified and solicit new opportunities to partner with you, our Valued Customers.


About Minco Technology Labs, LLC: Minco Technology Labs, LLC, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a leading provider of mission critical high reliability (Hi-Rel) semiconductor packaged solutions, die processing, and test services.  Minco services advanced technologies with state of the art solutions, as well as hard to find, obsolete or end-of-life products for multiple applications.  Minco Technology Labs, LLC is a Leading Value Added Supplier of High Reliability Components, Semiconductor Die Processing, Assembly, Test Services and Distribution. Minco serves the Military, Aerospace, and Energy, Transportation, Heavy Industrial and other specialty markets.