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Mission-critical Hi-Rel semiconductor packaging, test services, and die processing

When your project requires mission-critical high-reliability (Hi-Rel) semiconductor packaging and components, you need a manufacturer that delivers products and services that exceed expectations while providing exceptional customer service.

Since 1981, Minco Technology Labs, LLC has served the Hi-Reliability, die processing and semiconductor packaging for military (MIL-SPEC), aerospace, energy, transportation and other harsh-environment markets. An industry leader in the production of market-specific semiconductor packaging and equipment testing, Minco offers:

  • Cost-effective turnkey solutions for current technology and end-of-life or obsolete semiconductor packaging and Hi-Rel components
  • Quick response and on-time Hi-Rel component delivery
  • Engineering support for design and production
  • Extensive semiconductor component testing that meets conformance requirements

Minco can fill your project's requirements with little delay. Contact our Hi-Rel packaging and die sales team or request a quote to get started today.

Market-specific semiconductor packaging, component testing and die processing

Our customer's unique program requirements cannot be met with generic product or service solutions. Minco Technology Labs, LLC a leading provider of high-reliability semiconductor components and services, carefully selects, manufactures and sources specific bare die, die processing and packaged semiconductor components that endure the extreme environmental factors of your industry.

Our wafer and die processing, custom packaging and semiconductor component testing are designed to meet unique customer requirements and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) specifications, as needed.

Time-sensitive quotes for Hi-Rel components, packaging and testing

Your time is valuable. We won't waste it. Minco understands your sense of urgency and will supply you with a response to your semiconductor packaging or bare die quote request


Download Minco: One-Way Leak Phenomena In Hermetic Cavity Packages Written By William Pat McCord, Minco Technology Labs, LLC - VP Of Quality

Download Paper:

Hi-Reliability Testing W/ Pat McCord - Learn More About Leak Test Capabilities For Hermetically Packaged Semiconductor Devices

DLA authorizes Minco Technology Labs to provide MIL-STD-750 Fine and Gross Leak Testing Services

To our customers, suppliers and peers:

Minco Technology Labs is pleased to announce our certification from the, Defense Logistics Agency, DLA, which authorizes Minco to provide Mil-Std-750 Fine and Gross Leak Testing Services, as seen in the following attached image.

 Certification from the DLA authorizes Minco Technology Labs to provide Mil-Std-750 Fine and Gross Leak Testing Services


New Products

Minco is pleased to announce the release of our New Minco Designed and Built parts to help solve the re-occurring source of supply issues in the marketplace. These are just a few of the many parts that we are designing to help solve these issues in the near future. Read More >


Minco is a DLA qualified manufacturer with unmatched expertise in High Reliability (Hi-Rel) packaging. We lead our industry in the manufacturing and assembly of end-of-life and obsolete semiconductor packaging and components. Read More >


Minco provides the necessary resources to meet demanding assembly, environmental, and electrical test requirements. Minco’s engineering staff has a diverse skill set and extensive experience in the design and production of advanced test solutions. Read More >